Interlude – Hijacking!

The Wednesday night 7 pm meeting at the New Hope Group in Scranton, PA bore witness to an ultra-rare full meeting single-share filibuster, only the seventh recorded in AA history. After the reading of the preamble, How It Works, and administrative miscellany, Maya St. Lourdes immediately made it known to the chair that she had a burning desire and wished to share, eschewing the usual chair-randomly-calls-on-attendees format of the meeting. Thus began an awe-inspiring display of oration, topic swerving, and lung capacity.

As per chairperson responsibility protocol, elder statesman Henry Atherton attempted at several points during the prodigiously rambling stream of consciousness nonsense to politely interrupt St. Lourdes and suggest perhaps her thoughts might best be discussed after the meeting or outside the room but was utterly ignored by the loquacious alcoholic.

Approximately 75% of the marathon share dealt with recovery issues, but at certain points the topic went as far afield as Middle Eastern politics and the essential elements of a solid casserole. Although by the halfway mark of the meeting more than a third of the attendees had left, most of the remainder endured to the end, bearing witness to an achievement exceedingly rarer than, for example, a perfect game in baseball. Fifty seven minutes into the meeting, St. Lourdes concluded the diatribe to thunderous applause.

Fallout from the meeting included several attendees, including Atherton, heading straight for the local watering hole and an emergency group conscience meeting which saw the adoption of an egg timer system for member shares. A Meeting Enforcement Officer position was also created.

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